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Are you looking for a rewarding career with a company that has a reputation as a leader? A company that gives employees the opportunity to develop their talents and be part of a successful team?

Take a look at what our people have to say.

“I like Arrow because the work is enjoyable, the staff is very considerate, and the income is good, local work has me home every day and extra work is available if I want it most of the time.”
-Dan Lamanche – Chilliwack, Company Driver

“I have worked for Arrow Transportation for 5 years. Arrow has provided me with the opportunity to achieve my Class 1 License, and continues to support and encourage my development as a professional truck driver. Everyone from fellow drivers to the shop and office personnel are very helpful and provide a fun, energetic, and family type atmosphere to work in.
– Marie Hayes – Stewart, Driver

“I simply wouldn’t consider working anywhere else. I enjoy my job and the challenges it presents and I will be here until I retire. I can honestly say I take a lot of pride in what we do. I like to think the Arrow feels the same way about having us on their team.”
– Mike Bloomfield – Ashcroft, Lease Operator

“Arrow has shown me that you can go to work every day with a smile on your face. Attention to detail, organization and an overall attitude of working hard are attributes that Arrow strives to maintain on a daily basis. The foundation Arrow has laid out is one I am proud to represent.”
– Mike Lamb – Portland Reload, Lead Yard Hand

“As an employee of Arrow for 5 years, I have always been excited to go to work. The core values and policies at Arrow make me feel that my safety is important as well as making me feel that I am a part of the team. The atmosphere and camaraderie we have is what make me want to come to work every day.”
– Paul Entler – Portland Reload, Forklift Operator

“I love Arrow not just as a company, but for the people that work over and under me. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow here and have taking full advantage of it. I always get what I need to get the job done, not only for our customers but for our internal customers too. Arrow goes out of their way to make sure everybody is taken care of in the most professional manner and as quickly as possible to resolve any and all matters. Great career here for me and have no intentions on leaving. EVER!
– JR Farris – Indianapolis Reload, Yard Supervisor

“I am pleased to say that I am fortunate to work for Arrow. I left another company that was seasonal and restricted in hours. I had my Class 1; however, was not getting transport experience. I applied to many companies and the answer was consistent, “Get some experience and come back and see us!”
This is frustrating to someone trying to build a career. Usually this happens to the younger crowd, I was sixty one! Fortunately, when I applied to Arrow, management reviewed my previous life experiences and decided to give me a try. I was mentored with three different drivers that were professional, courteous, encouraging and patient. I was soon on my own, being productive for the company, and learning new skills.
Whether you are a younger driver or one that is in transition from previous professions, Arrow is a good choice. Steady employment, encouraging fellow workers, patient and professional management. Reliable and well maintained equipment, these as well as other benefits ensures my satisfaction and loyalty. There are those that think the grass is greener somewhere else. I can assure you, it seldom is! Why leave a good thing, I won’t!!”
-Gary McAninch – Ashcroft, Company Driver

“Working with Arrow gave me back some faith in the ethics of our business community and hope for the future of employment. The family attitude and the leadership combined with high ethical standards made me feel welcome and a valued team member. The focus on safety gives me and my wife peace of mind all year round.”
– Klaus Beaver – Peace River, Lease Operator

“Naturally, Arrow is very important to me and my family because of what it provides us. But, Arrow is special because of all of its people – I care about them and truly feel that they care about me. That is what motivates me each day.”
-Dan De Palma – Kamloops Corporate Operations Office, General Manager

“Arrow is a great place to work. I am part of a group of people who work hard to do a good job, work well with each other, and have fun in the process!”
-Rita Noort – Vancouver Corporate Services Office, Intermediate Accountant

“As a lease operator with Arrow, I enjoy working with a very professional management team. We work as a team and it pays off for all of us. Arrow has great discounts and they pass them on to us: for example, discounts on fuel, tires, and shop rates. It is critical in today’s age of trucking. You’re not just another truck number here at Arrow, they treat you like you are somebody. You can depend on correct pay statements, steady year round work and stability in hard times.”
-Al Abbott – Kamloops Reload, Lease Operator

“My experience with Arrow Transportation Systems has been very rewarding. I am honoured to work for a company that employees hard working and motivated individuals. Arrow allows their employees the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and to grow as individuals. Teamwork is demonstrated in all areas of the Arrow company.”
– Kelly Hawkins – Kamloops Reload, Division Manager

“Arrow personnel are like family to me. I have met and worked with and still work with a great group of people. I have enjoyed coming to work every day for the last 25 years and look forward to more.” – Brenda McDonald – Grande Prairie, Administrator

“Being a woman can make working in a man’s world difficult sometimes, but even from day one at Arrow I felt accepted and treated like an equal by everyone. Not because I’m a woman, but a co-worker.” – Jaycee Hendriks – Kamloops, Driver

“Throughout their entire organization, I have found the management and staff at Arrow to be focused on continuous improvement, win-win approaches, and ultimately, the needs of the customer. They are proactive in managing safety, with a number of initiatives and behaviours that will allow Arrow and the customer to move forward together in keeping drivers and the public safe. Our long term relationship with Arrow has always been founded on the values of trust and mutual success. This foundation continues to strengthen year by year.”
– Tony Dozorec – Weyerhaeuser – Grand Prairie, Customer

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